CNC Machining Services

Between us and our partners, we can handle any machining services you could need. From addons and accessories for machines, to custom machines themselves, we can help you bring your concept to reality and beyond.

When you have decided you need our help in designing a custom part, we will need a STEP or IGES copy of your part, as well as a static drawing or print calling out anything special like threads and tolerances. For parts over a count of 50, there is rarely a programming charge. For small batches and 1 offs, programming time is by the hour. Prototypes are a minimum of 1 hour, billed per minute of run/setup time. Production rates are based on actual run time depending on the machine it is being run on.

Please email us at to learn more!

Our Machining Services include:
  • 3d CAD Drafting
  • Machine Design
  • Prototype Machining
  • Short & Large production runs
Additional Services with our partners
  • Electronics Design
  • Mold making
  • Injection Molding