Our starter set gets you up and running quickly, providing you with the Mandala Rose Engine and our Universal Cutting frame. The machine is manufactured of 6061 aircraft aluminum and steel. Some of the advanced features included in the base model of the Rose Engine include...

    Small Shop Friendly - Under 35 pounds makes it easy to store when not in use. Mandala Rose Engine - Weighs under 35 pounds - Lightweight and Portable
    Pumping system for 3d Turning and decoration is standard on the unit.
    360 Degree Phasing assembly allows you to phase the cuts of your rosettes in 1 degree increments.
    Motorized drive system with variable speed and jogging capabilities
    (no hand cranking necessary)
    12 Acrylic Rosettes Included allowing you to make numerous unique designs out of the box.
    Quick removal rosette barrel allows you to change out rosettes in a matter of minutes.
    Standard 1" x 8 tpi Spindle enables you to use most standard lathe chucks on the market today.
    Dual Rails makes turning from either side of the Rose Engine quick and easy, and it also makes great handles for moving and positioning the machine.
    Keyed Switche to keep the Rose Engine from being turned on by anyone, especially by inquisitive young fingers and hands.

Video of the Mandala Rose Engine in Action!

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Gallery of creations from the Mandala Rose Engine

[Rose Engine]  [Video]