i3 Style 3d Printer Enclosure
Starting at $219!

The i3 Style 3d Printer Enclosure is for most i3 style printers such as the Monoprice Maker Select & Wanhaou printers...

All hardware for assembly is printed by you, a GREAT excuse to play with your 3d printer!

You can order the kit with or without screws, but the kit is optimized for 10-24 x 3/8" screws and if you get it with screws, you also receive a 10-24 tap. Tapping the parts is extremely easy with an electric/cordless drill. The hinges provided in the hardware download are printed in one piece, so get those settings on your printer spot on!

The internal dimensions are 17.5" wide x 18" deep x 17" high. Be sure to measure your printer, both with the carriage all the way forward, and all the way to the back, to be sure that it will fit your printer.


If you are outside of the continental United States, please send us an email order and we will invoice you for the Relocation Kit based on shipping costs to that location.